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National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center - Flint Hills Retreats

Retreat Information

Successful reintegration for newly returning Military personnel and Veterans is compromised by conditions, issues, problems, and health/mental health disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Veterans of all generations continue to suffer from the same issues, and many have not received successful treatment in the past. There is a growing national understanding that Veterans of all generations who have participated in a variety of conflicts- as well as Active Duty Military, National Guardmembers, and Reservists- need holistic wellness programs in order to recapture a sense of well-being and lead rewarding and productive lives.

Retreats are open to any Veteran who served in combat who is either pre-diagnosed with PTSD or displays symptoms of PTSD, to include Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard Service-members. Veterans are not required to have a PTSD diagnosis prior to the retreat, and will not leave the retreat with a diagnosis. All participating members must have a current spouse/partner who is also willing to participate in the retreat, as the National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center - Flint Hills Retreats treats the Veteran Couple together as a single unit. In addition, participating couples are encouraged to bring their children (dependents under 18 and adult) to participate in retreat activities. Applicants are asked to complete a brief questionnaire and application to gain acceptance into the program. Please see "Application Form" for more information.

Note: Special retreats for single Soldiers/Veterans, Gold Star Families, and other potential participants who do not meet the above criteria are also planned.

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